'Adultery In Kate Chopin's The Storm'

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In this short story 'The Storm" deals with the subject of adultery. Adultery is a voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse. Kate Chopin's {the author} theme is about a women's sexuality and the complexities of the married state. She implies that adultery is natural and it doesn't necessarily have negatives consequences. "The Storm" allows women to gain fulfillment and to remain happily married; when desires are satisfied. In the beginning of the story, Bobinot (Calixta husband) is looked as a caring husband and loving father to Bibi; their four year old son. It showed that Bobinot was very happy in his marriage. He did what any caring husband would do, like buy things that Calixta loved. He would do pretty much anything to avoid getting into trouble with Calixta; making sure he kept the house clean. Calixta may have used her house chores as the limitations of marriage and the need for sexuality.…show more content…
In "The Storm" we notice Calixta ,who tries follow the rules of marriage, but finds another direction to fulfill her sexual desire which gives her joy and satisfaction. Alcee is Calixta's old lover from the past, that happens to pass by her home in the storm. Strangely, but happily you can image the look on Calixta's face when Alcee came- she makes readers think that she may still have feelings for Alcee. "The door stood open, and the room with its white, monumental bed, its closed shutters, looked dim and mysterious."

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