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Welders can make up to 200,000 dollars a year with full benefits! I have chosen this career because back in my first year of high school I joined a welding class and enjoyed it quite a bit. Then I learned more about it and decided I would enjoy doing this as a career. This paper will explore the job description, requirements, and salary expectation for a variety of welding jobs and specializations. To begin with, the job description for a certified welder. Firstly, a welder is someone who welds or joins metal parts together, fills holes, indentions, and seams of metal products. No matter what area of the field you must have this skills because they are vital to the job. If you were to mess up you would need the proper tactics to fix the error(s),…show more content…
Firstly, you will need at least one of the following to become qualified: Training for a few weeks in a technical school, on job training for several years, however though, some people are able to do both of these and train a lot faster than others only doing one. This allows your employer(s) to know you are properly trained and qualified to the jobs you will perform. Secondly, there are many technical schools that offer the proper training necessary to become a Certified Welder within Kansas, with various degrees and qualifications. Some of these are Wichita Area Technical College (W.A.T.C.), Wyotech, or even Brown Mackie. They offer the classes for engineering welding, industrial welding, welding inspector, aviation welding, and many more. Thirdly, the average cost of tuition per year is about 14,000 dollars without the cost of fees, books, tools, and living cost. If you were to get the highest degree of welding certifications you would earn an associate’s degree, costing on average about 35,000 dollars in total, according to education.costhelper.com. I believe with the salary pay this is a great price for college. Finally, these are the educational requirements to become a

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