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I grew up watching Disney Cartoons and not once I've felt that my physical appearance defines my personality or potential, that male are the dominant gender, and whatever else the video suggests. I think that your surroundings, and social environment determines your personality, beliefs, and morals. Disney has taught me nothing else but to always have faith, never give up, to be brave and compassionate, and many other positive outlooks. I recollect only good associations with Disney Cartoons; I remember crying at almost every sad part, and happy ending. "Every girl gets her prince, but not without a sacrifice." Well, now as an adult, do you not agree with this statement, that for each "happy ending" there should be made a sacrifice? And I am not speaking about losing something materially valuable, or such. In order to achieve success we always have to make an : sacrifice your time, money, work on your stubbornness, attitude, habits and etc. It is all very related to real life issues, just in different situation. And even if we do take in an example relationship, same idea applies. I view…show more content…
First of all, these fairy tales have existed for centuries, they were not written by Disney. Second of all, in last century Disney has made over 400 of children movies, a little over 50 of them are animated. In the video the author used approximately 10 examples, and none of these stories were created by Disney, they were only picture and turned into cartoons. Why we aren't blaming Han Christian Anderson, Brothers Grimm and others who've written all these fairy tales for kids? Which I've personally read as well, as a kid by the way, and princesses were always flawless, and always found their prince and/or happy

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