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The Greatest Rapper Nicki Minaj is known for being the greatest rapper of all times. Minaj first started by releasing mixtapes through 2007-2009. In 2009, Lil Wayne heard Nicki Minaj’s mixtape and hired her to be in Young Money and Cash Money. Minaj released her first album “Pink Friday” on October 15, 2012. Minaj’s first tour was called, “Pink Friday.” It was held on May 16, 2012. All of this success proves that Minaj is one of the greatest rappers of all times. Most rappers in this generation aren’t good because they rap and don’t make sense, but Minaj raps and makes sense. Minaj has been the first female rapper to have seven songs in Billboard Hot 100. Billboard Hot 100 is the American Music Industry with a lot of great singles. Minaj has been nominated best female rapper for five years in a row. Minaj does make sense when she raps because she raps about her childhood and what’s going on in the present. If Minaj did not make sense when she rapped, she would not get awards. “ informs that in the year 2014 she performed three times on the MTV awards and was awarded with a moon man trophy.…show more content…
Yes, Minaj is because she sings, acts, hosts, and writes her own lyrics. Minaj was the heading judge for the twelfth season of “American Idol.” Also Minaj released her music video for Anaconda in the first 24 hour on “vevo” receiving 19.6 million views. Minaj was on Ellen DeGeneres twice. Minaj was a guest voice on the movie, “Ice Age Continental Drift.” Also, Minaj host the “MTV EMA’s” on 2014. Nicki Minaj was in a comedy movie called, “The Other Women.” Minaj is always good a rapping, but she was amazing at singing a romantic song named, “Your love.” Your Love was on the Billboard Chart which reached number one. All of this progress that Nicki Minaj got the chance to do proves that Minaj is talented in so many

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