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Most kids dream about growing up and being the best there ever was, but few actually succeed in doing so. Wayne Gretzky was one of those few to succeed. Gretzky became known as 'The Great Gretzky' at a young age by breaking every record in the National Hockey League. With great skill/success also comes difficulty and outside negativity. Throughout Wayne Gretzky's career he demonstrated how hard work, determination, and a true love for the game payed off, changing the NHL. Wayne Gretzky was born on January twenty-sixth, nineteen sixty-one, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Brantford is a small town with a population of sixty-five thousand people. He was born of Russian and Polish descent to Walter and Phyllis Gretzky. He was the first born of his four other siblings. His father who worked as a telephone company employee, bought Wayne his first pair of skates before he was three years old and then continued to teach him how to skate on their backyard ice rink. Gretzky continued to skate with his father for many years as a bonding experience, but as Gretzky got older he experimented with other sports. When he was…show more content…
By this time Gretzky was accumulating large crowds and was signing autographs after games. Being this unbelievably talented caused quite the commotion. People were amazed by his talents, but some parents of opposing teams didn't see it that way. The parents ended up being worse than the opposing players. At age fourteen, Gretzky moved to Ontario, Canada, to escape the booing parents who thought he was too good to be playing with their kids. Also, to escape the pressure of being a young 'celebrity', which made it hard for him to live a normal life. Gretzky looking back at seventeen to moving because of his parents, he regretted it and wished he could have spent more time with his family and friends, living in

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