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Adam Richard Wiles, or known as his stage name, Calvin Harris, is a Scottish singer, songwriter, record producer, and DJ who is known worldwide. Calvin Harris was born in Dumfries, Scotland in January 17, 1984. His keeps his family life private for his family's protection. Calvin Harris has a private life, but also has a public life. Before being a musician, he wanted to be a football player, but he couldn't be what he wanted. Later in his life he started making projects in his apartment in 1999. His first 2 published songs were "Da Bongos" and "Brighter Days." Later in 2007, he debut with the album "I Created Disco." 2 songs from the album were in the UK top 10 singles, the songs were "Acceptable in the 80's" and "The Girls." In 2009, his album "Ready for the Weekend", he was discovered with his song "I'm Not Alone" because this song was #1 song in UK, and was also number 12 in the Billboard's Hot 100. After being discovered, he started his popularity with Rihanna in her "European Leg of her Loud Tour." With being a opening and supporting act in her shows. In…show more content…
In 2007, he released his album "I Created Disco" that made itself to the best album charts in UK. His claim to fame was in his second album "Ready for the Weekend", when his single "I'm Not Alone" hit #1 song in UK's Top 10 singles, and peaked at #12 in Billboard's Hot 100. In his third album, he broke Michael Jackson's record for the most singles downloaded in UK, and these 9 singles were from the same album, these songs were: "Bounce", "Feel So Close", "We found Love", "We'll Be Coming Back ","Iron", "I Need your Love", "Sweet Nothing", "Let's Go", and "Thinking about You." In his recent album, "Motion", he also broke record with the singles "Blame", "Outside", and "Summer" for the most singles from one album being in

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