High Plains Drifter

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The film I have chosen to watch and write about between 1970 to 2000 did Clint Eastwood direct High Plains Drifter. The genre of this film is Western. The setting of this film is at a dusty mining town of Lago, which it is a fiction old town in the west. This film does not show or tell what year it is, or what is happening at that time. Clint Eastwood is the director and the start of High Plains Drifter. The beginning of the film starts by showing Eastwood drifter emerges from a heat haze and rides into the odd lakefront settlement of Lago. The people at the small mining town of Lago are not genuinely friendly with strangers. They say that they did not have good experience with strangers. However, their mind set changes once they saw strangers’…show more content…
I truly enjoyed the selection of the scenery Eastwood used for this film. For example, the beginning of the film where it was showing the credits, the Stanger was riding in the vast beautiful hot desert. Where you can see the heat wave, from the pan shot and the long shot. Moreover, there was a scene where the three outlaws where coming to the mining town. You could of see the red painted town and the sea next to the town. The camera work was great as well; it was just like a typical western film people were used to from Sergio Leone films, even though it was Eastwood second film he directed. There were numerous of close up, medium, long, cowboy, over the shoulder, pan, two shot, and zoom shots. Overall Eastwood did a great job with the camera film, I enjoyed it. It really brought out that wild western feeling, of him being the badass guy. One thing I really enjoy about this move compare to Once Upon A Time in the West was only hour and half. The film was half of the Sergio Leones movie, which I did for paper one. I liked it because it was not as tiring as the other movie. High Plains Drifter was only hour and half so the action was much more cramped together compare to Once Upon A Time in the West. As of result, there were less slow scenes and more actions scenes to watch. When it came to music, it was obvious that Eastwood did not focus that much on the music part of the film. However,

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