Water In The Middle East Essay

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1.5 million animals or 10% of the livestock in the Middle East have perished due to the lack of water in the region. This issue has caused arable land to decrease thus creating further issues in the area such as a food shortage (Palmer, 2008, p.12). The years in middle gets is getting affected by global warming, this makes water evaporate fast. Water evaporating fast will get rid of most of the water which causes the land to be arid. Water has become more expensive and food is becoming more scarce as water resources continue to deplete in the Middle East. Due to the lack of water in the Middle East the price of this precious commodity has risen making it difficult for inhabitants of the region to purchase. “800 million people worldwide still have only polluted water to drink.”(Global Issues in Context p.8) Since more and more people are getting only access to polluted water, it means there are less water accessibility for people. This means…show more content…
“At least 1.5 million animals have died from water and food shortages, according to aid-agency workers.”(Palmer, 2008, p. A12) Global warming is the main issue of the lack of water in the Middle East. Most of the countries in the Middle East are arid. It will be hot, dry, and almost no rainfall. The Middle East has a lot of ponds and rivers that could be used to provide water to the animals that live in the Middle East. But due to global warming, the climate will be more hot, water will evaporate faster; but the Middle East is arid and has low precipitation so it will not rain back. This makes animals have hard time to find drinkable water since ponds and rivers have been decreased by size and volume of water. Also animals that live in the water such as a fish will also have a hard time surviving since their home size is decreasing at a fast rate. Even though it is mild in the winter, there is still a very low chance of

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