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Hector the Best Epic Hero An epic hero is a person who has superior or superhuman characteristics. They have extraordinary strength, intelligence, and courage. An epic hero also displays communal ethos, which means that think more of other than of themselves. Many times the epic hero experiences a catharsis with their emotions, and, sadly, his or her life often ends in tragedy. Hector is the better epic hero of the Trojan War because he uses communal ethos when he tries to defend his country and family from the Greeks. However, his life ends in tragedy when Achilles killed him in revenge, because Hector had killed his friend Patroclus in battle. Hector is the better epic hero because he defends his country and family from the Greeks. He didn’t care what his brother Paris had done to start the war; Hector knew he had to end the war even though he will leave behind his wife, and son if he dies. As the leader of the Trojans, Hector displays communal ethos by putting the lives of others above his own. He shows that he is moral and ethical, by risking his life for his family and country.…show more content…
Hector, like everyone else, thought that Achilles was invincible (Hamilton 202). This would mean that anyone who fought Achilles faced death. Even though he knew that Achilles was with the Greeks and he was the best warrior that killed without any hesitation. He still wanted to fight with him, even though he was scared of him. But when he saw him face to face Hector told him “I will no longer fear you as before, son of Peleus, though I ran from you round Priam’s town three times and could not face you. Now my soul would have me stand and fight weather I kill you or am killed” (Iliad

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