Ex Machina And Artificial Intelligence

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The matter of controversy in the world regarding any range of subjects with the words “artificial intelligence” implemented into it, is showing increasing prominence. The amount of media out there coming out into the world such as movies, television shows, literary means, and others about this subject is skyrocketing, and then inadvertently plateauing itself into the minds of the average populace. This is especially true for the idea about these artificially intelligent beings having the same thoughts and feelings that we do. The very thought of thinking, and by extension, artificial thinking is certainly an idea wrought full of irony; this begs the question, is artificial intelligence going too far? Would the program be able to learn, feel, think, and question as we, humans are able to? Would it even be morally or ethically correct to imbue a program with this ability? With so many…show more content…
2) To provide background perspective, Caleb, arguably the protagonist of the movie Ex Machina wins a raffle-like lottery in order to participate in something called a Turing test. This test in practice within this context called for the gauging of a robot’s intelligence through its ability to pass as a human being within conversation, in addition to other human interactions. This is shown to be measured within the newly constructed artificial intelligence, Ava; however, in actuality, the artificially intelligent Ava’s ability to speak like a human is the one being measured. As Renstrom explicitly states, “Ex Machina demonstrates why there can be no Turing test for

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