Beowulf Vs Achilles Research Paper

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The two epic hero’s Beowulf and Achilles had a hard life. Although it was hard, I’m almost positive one should be honored then the other. There are reasons as to why these two are noticed for being Epic Hero’s. I also know that becoming an Epic Hero would be difficult, there are certain things Beowulf and Achilles went through to become an Epic Hero. Even though they were both Epic Hero’s, they had some differences that made them who they are. To me Beowulf should be honored to an extinct, only because he fought one beast with no weapons and had the courage to go up against them, “So, The Spear-Danes in days gone byand the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness. We have heard of those princes' heroic campaigns’’. A lot of the lives of these warriors were taken in the process of Beowulf becoming an Epic Hero. Beowulf knew that going up against Grendel that it could cause him to lose his life, to him it didn’t matter only because it meant more attention towards him.…show more content…
My reasoning is because he didn’t care about the attention and worship but the mind set of a good Epic Hero. In the Iliad, Achilles loses his best friend, so in return he seeks revenge “You wine sack, with a dog's eyes, with a deer's heart. Never once have you taken courage in your heart to arm with your people for battle, or go into ambuscade with the best of the Achaians. No, for in such things you see death. Far better to your mind is it, all along the widespread host of the Achaians to take away the gifts of any man who speaks up against

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