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This report is about how Disney movies changed throughout the years from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to 2013 Frozen. There movies are entertaining and heartwarming from young audience and adults alike. The problem is that some of Disney animated movies haven’t aged well due to the time they were released. Before during the first Disney movies some things were acceptable and know they are not, example Racism in Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland drug use reference. Some of their films have been criticized about certain types of stereotyping, story lines, characters and other types of propaganda that was acceptable back then. Frozen and brave are the ones that changed the type of storytelling and characters. Example that the women are now independent doesn’t need a man to be saved. Walt Disney and how the company started ownership Racism is portrayed in some of Disney movies example the classic movie Dumbo. In Dumbo, Dumbo meets a group of crows they are shown as poor, useless beings who speak in jive and chain-smoke cigars. Jim Crow is the name of the boss of the other crows who are completely submissive to…show more content…
Disney princess merchandise are quite popular with little kids dress up dolls and other accessories. The problem they have is that they are usually a damsel in distress waiting to be saved by men, even though they are the major character. Example Disney original three princesses Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping beauty where all of them needed saving by man. Cinderella she had to be saved from her cruel mother and step sisters by a man. In sleeping beauty she had to be saved from the evil with by a man. In 1989 when Disney debuted the little Mermaid Ariel she is less passive and more defiant than the other three princesses. But Ariel gave up her beautiful voice for a pair of legs so she could be with a man, who in the end rescues
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