Lafayette Vs. Lafayette

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With the support of the French, the American Revolution dramatically turned in the colonists’ favor. However, the main reason the French allied with the American colonists was because of a French aristocrat, the Marquis de Lafayette. It was only through the help Lafayette that the Americans won the Revolution. Ever since he has a little boy, Lafayette was on the path to becoming a Revolutionary. “At just [two] years old, the death of his father set his first toddler's step on the path to America, a quest fueled by dual desires for vengeance and revolutionary ideals” (“The Marquis de Lafayette” 2). For most people, a death in the family would dampen their spirits. However, Lafayette did not let his father’s death stop him or curb his revolutionary ideas. He was driven to become a man of strategy and courage in battle from the struggles he faced early in life. In France, Lafayette was highly respected and took many positions that showed his strength in leadership. Lafayette served as Estates-General, vice-president for the new National Assembly, and as commander of the National Guard. An election was held for each position. As vice-president for the National Assembly, he proposed the idea…show more content…
“On a visit to France in 1779, Lafayette won formal French support for the American cause, a diplomatic coup that vivified Revolutionary forces. Lafayette's tactical cunning and fearlessness in battle saved the Revolution many times, but his French connections were played to their greatest advantage at the 1781 Battle of Yorktown” (“The Marquis De Lafayette” 2). Through Lafayette’s connections, the Americans received the aid of the French. And, again using his strategy, Lafayette planned the Battle of Yorktown. He had French soldiers surround Cornwallis and his army by sea. Then gave orders for the American soldiers to surround Yorktown by land, and, closing in around them, Cornwallis

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