Waiting For Superman

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Mostly all school systems all across America are coming across many issues. Some have to do with the teachers that they have employed, some with financial problems, or the fact that many of the schools aren’t right for certain children. In the movie, “Waiting for Superman”, they claim that children aren’t meant for every school and the reason that they have to attend the school is basically because of a financial problem with their families. In my own opinion, the biggest problem in school systems is that the teachers don’t care whether the students are able to learn or not. This is the reason many parents aren’t happy with their school systems, but they aren’t able to change their kids to a better school due to their money issues. Therefore,…show more content…
Many of the students felt that they weren’t being taught the right material to do what they would like to pursue in life. Daisy for example is a fifth grader in Los Angeles and her dream is to become an important person. Her father, Jose, doesn’t currently have a job and he wasn’t able to attend college due to a money issue. His biggest fear is that his daughter isn’t getting the correct education at her current school due to the fact that the teachers’ aren’t pushing themselves to teach the students. “Americans also can't afford the fantasy that we have the world's best educational system. The U.S. is near the bottom of advanced countries in math and reading scores. We may not pass sleepless nights worrying about Finland, but that country's kids get a world-class public-school education, and ours don't.” (Time Magazine) This is a perfect example of why we need teachers to care a little more. Obviously if the reading and math scores aren’t as high as all of the other countries, then something must be wrong. The problem here in America is that the teachers don’t push the students to learn. This review agrees that teachers are a possible problem with students not getting the proper education that they need. There are many issues brought to light in the documentary. Nothing is perfect and the documentary allows us to see that our education system has its flaws. The highlight of the situation is that we can always change things, and by the documentary we are able to see what we need to
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