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Things Fall Apart Essay In Things Fall Apart, Achebe displays Nwoye as a minor character who impacts Okonkwo greatly through his actions and beliefs. The motif of having an important role of a man reoccurs in the novel and is Okonkwo’s biggest concern of his sons. Masculinity serves as an indication for power, dominance, and knowledge in the Igbo society and culture. At one point in the story, Nwoye is influenced by Ikemefuna, his adopted brother, and starts to develop masculine traits and qualities. However, many incidents allow Nwoye’s attitude, respect for his father, and beliefs to change gradually. Even though Okonkwo wanted Nwoye to grow into a strong, capable young man to take over his ruling in the future, Nwoye still had more interest…show more content…
Obierika was surprised when he encountered Nwoye among the missionaries in Umuofia and he asked him a question that Nwoye replied with, “‘I am one of them…’ ‘How is your father?’ Obierika asked, not knowing what else to say. ‘I don’t know. He is not my father,’ said Nwoye, unhappily…Okonkwo did not wish to speak about Nwoye”(144). Ever since Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna and Nwoye converted to the new religion, Okonkwo and Nwoye’s relationship fell into complete isolation from each other. Each was ashamed to be related to the other and there was neither affection nor respect. Nwoye had kept his new faith a secret and “he dared not go too near the missionaries for fear of his father” (149). Although this displayed Nwoye’s dedication to the Christian religion, he did not respect the Igbo religion. Nwoye had doubts of the old rules and ways of his tribe, and he was attracted to the Christian faith because it was not as harsh and brutal. Nwoye’s effeminate nature was displayed through his conversion to the new religion and surreptitiously practicing

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