'Plaguing The Education System In Waiting For Superman'

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The documentary Waiting for “Superman” is a film that explores the supposed issues that are plaguing the education system in America. Its title comes from the fact that the individual in charge of making the documentary, Davis Guggenheim, had the epiphany that there is not an individual who could fix the ills of the education system, and that there had to be some form of responsibility for the state of the system. (Take, 2015). While the documentary peels back the metaphorical drywall of the system to reveal rotted parts that are being hid from public view, it nonetheless implements various elements that discredit the findings. Through intense scrutiny of the documentary, it is possible to establish the fact that the documentary is guilty of misusing some information and omitting other information to make its argument. One of the major issues with…show more content…
The presence of Bill Gates, a well known philanthropist, would appear to lend credence to the argument that there are problems with the schools except for the continual focus on standardized testing. While Gates is not wrong that there is a great deal of improvement possible for standardized test scores, his argument does not directly address the supposed problems with teachers and teacher unions. The inclusion of his interview in the documentary is based on his claims of judgment and the fact that he wants higher test scores even though educators tend to place less emphasis and value on those same scores (Swartz, 2010). The problem with having Bill Gates comment on education in the United States is that he only has a goal of higher scores in mind, but does not have experience or expertise in the education field to truly evaluate the issues pertaining to the field, making his input on the topic of teachers and unions less

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