Similarities Between 'Trash And Millions'

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The texts of “Trash” by Andy Mulligan, and “Millions” directed by Danny Boyle have very many similarities that are shown on numerous occasions in the texts. One of theses is the theme of greed, another is one of the main characters of each text, Gardo and Anthony, and one of the main events that occurred in each of the texts, The discovery of the money/bag. Although these were some of the multiply occurring similarities chosen for this essay there are countless more. To start off, the first one of the many similarity between the texts that will be compared is the theme “greed”. In “Trash” the boys were extremely generous even whilst doing some highly illegal things but for the greater good and they repaid those they had cheated. But then there was the greedy senators…show more content…
An example of this In “Trash” is when Gardo decides to meet up with the prison guard Marco. Marco had four options, do nothing, take the money and give the bible, set them up and arrest them or take the money, give the bible and also arrest them. Greed led him to the fourth option and ultimately he lost everything except his precious money that he probably did not even care about after Gardo escaped. An example from “Millions” is when Anthony heartlessly lies to his own brother damian just to persuade him to keep the money a secret from everyone but him. The conversation described above goes like this, Anthony [to Damian]: If you tell the government they will take forty percent of it. FORTY PERCENT! Do you know how much that is? [Damian shakes his head] Anthony: That's nearly ALL of it. A line from “Trash” that proves the statement about trash above is, Gardo; “I think I must have got an eye - and I'll be honest, I hope so: I hope he's a one-eyed prison guard now and telling his tale about how he tried to sell a little boy after a deal was made and that boy turned round and took his eye out - I hope his whole cheating face is

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