The Pros And Cons Of Ecotechnology

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Global perspective has given us so many topics that are the blessing in disguise, and our newest topic is about the technology in our daily life. The topic gave us food for thought because there were so many interesting technologies that you couldn’t decide which one should you choose. Luckily, we finally decided that the topic would be ecotechnology. Our group includes Gia Anh, Tetsuro and me. At first, I thought that the topic could be too hard for us because this was not an easy topic to do, but now we have finally managed it like people usually said that every cloud has a silver lining. So now let me explain to you what does ecotechnology mean. Ecotechnology is an applied science that find a way to fulfill human needs while…show more content…
That smoke eats our ozone layer, then it creates holes for the ultraviolet ray to go through and cause a lot of deadly disease related to skin and our organisms like: allergy, skin cancer, lung cancer, heart attack... Now the ball is in your court, this is the right time for us to fix our mistakes. That’s why we need a solution for this complicated problem, and of course it is the green technology. All the countries in the world has cooperated in order to work on more things about ecotechnology. Green technology allows improvement in economic performance while minimizing harm to environment by increasing the effeciency in the selection and use of materials and energy sources. Our natural sources are running out quicker because people’s needs are increasing rapidly, and in the future there will be nothing because of our wasted; however, this problem doesn’t need to be worried so much anymore because of the inventions on ecotechnology because it can help us to control our damage to the environment. We have caused so much things that make bad effects to our environment. That’s why this is the first and neccessary step in stopping all the things we have done: develope activities in

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