The Dehumanization Of Women In Grand Theft Auto

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Many women depicted in video games, such as the popular Grand Theft Auto series, are shown to be treated by the male characters more as an object that can be used for sexual pleasure and displays of power. Video games have been known for their violent, aggressive, and savage portrayal towards their female characters. They are seen to condone mistreatment of women, either verbally or physically. For example, in Grand Theft Auto, one is able to have sex with a prostitute and afterwards, choose a method for killing her. These various methods, such as shooting her, using a golf club to bludgeon her, or even kicking the prostitute repeatedly in the groin are later rewarded in the game. In the end, when the prostitute has died, the main character…show more content…
These games have been best sellers, reaching many sell records and charts. As a result, these particular types of video games have a large audience to cater and influence. Many video games that portray aggressive assaults toward women have been linked to increased misogynistic, or woman-hating, feelings. The myriad of video games that these boys and men play show women being, by men, degraded and dehumanized. These types of video games, along with many other social influences, have been linked to a more acceptance towards unequal gender roles. It helps to “uphold” the idea that men should be the more authoritative gender; more rights and privileges should be given to them than to women. As a result, the prevalent depictions of women being assaulted in video games helps to normalize this type of treatment and uphold the belief in male…show more content…
Frequent playing of violent video games has been shown to be related to false ideas about sexual relationships and even women themselves. Studies have shown that the more one is surrounded by violence, the more normal it seems. As a result, violence, whether depicted in video games, television, or in real life, will seem less severe. Since rape is a violent act, its perception is also affected by the depiction of violence in video games. There is a higher chance for those exposed to violent video games to believe that women “are asking for rape”, even though that idea is ludicrous and untrue.5 These men do not see the woman being raped as a victim or blameless. Instead, they assert that a woman is at fault due to her looks, promiscuous attitude, clothing attire, or the amount of alcohol drank. The false ideas brought on by the rape myth encourage unlawful actions toward women, leading to a greater enforcement of the patriarchal

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