Victor Is The Real Monster In Frankenstein

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The novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, contains two very similar but also different characters. The two characters, Victor Frankenstein and the monster, can be viewed differently based on the reader. The question is who the true monster is, Victor or his creation? Victor is the real monster in the sense that he seems to turn away from all of his human emotions and begins to act more like a monster than his creation does. After reading the novel, It became remarkably clear that Victor was real monster the whole time. It is natural to have some sympathy for the monster, as it seemed he never wanted to be evil, but he had to avert to becoming evil because of Victor’s abandonment of him. For this reason Victor is the monster in the sense that he is a coward who doesn’t take responsibility for he actions. Victor becomes a monster after he finishes his creation. After all the work Victor puts into creating the…show more content…
But, if you look at the qualities that are truly unique to the human race like: compassion, love, and being able to express one’s emotions, then between the two, Victor’s creation is the one who displays these qualities or at least tries to. Unlike Victor, the monster does not want to be isolated and has a thirst for knowledge and understanding. Although Victor may have once been like the monster in search for knowledge, once Victor starts creating the monster he thinks about the fame it will bring him. The monster says to Victor, “ I shall be with you on your wedding night” (149). It may seem as though Victor does care about his family, but he so self-centered that he thinks the monster is coming after him instead of his family when he hears the monster say this. This makes Victor look like a monster to his family as he is allowing his family to die due to the poor responsibility he chooses to make after creating the
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