How Is Frankenstein Related To The Bible

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Frankenstein is a novel written through the eyes of the main character Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The novel begins with a series of letters from a man who found Victor Frankenstein floating in icy waters, near death. Victor is an orphan who loves science, and is very smart. After being found, Victor studies for years at a university and devises a plan to bring back a dead person. Victor successfully resurrects a dead body, but is soon followed by intense guilt for recreating such a thing. Dr. Frankenstein feels he brought his creation back with no real way of providing for it. Frankenstein’s creation soon finds out how he was made and seeks revenge on his creator because of his rejection from mankind. The idea of Frankenstein is often misunderstood. People tend to think of Frankenstein as a large green guy with bolts in his head. The book describes something a lot deeper than this, using symbolism all throughout the book. Shelly’s books asks you to think about the purpose of life and why we are all here. This novel is a very interesting work to contrast and in some occasions compare to the Creation in the Bible. Frankenstein refers to the Bible a number of times in the book. There are many contrasts of the Biblical account of man’s creation with Frankenstein’s creation of the “monster”. Dr. Frankenstein is a very flawed character despite all he has going for him, and through all this he creates his monster. Victor believes that his ideas are equivalent if not better than the rules. There are…show more content…
We have a Creator who cares and constantly continues to lead us even though he is not with us on earth. God could have chosen a long time ago to abandon us all, but he chose differently. Even through our sin, God has stood in front of us never leaving us. Frankenstein rejects his monster immediately, and this is drives the monster to revenge. Frankenstein shows his disgust with creating such a thing from the beginning it was

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