Prometheus Vs Frankenstein

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After doing extensive research on monsters and having a specific interest in Frankenstein, I would like to propose a re-make for it, which extends from the Mary Shelley novel and other movie versions of Frankenstein. A movie so good, that it would be at the top of the box office! In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein she introduces two monsters. The most obvious monster is the creature himself, and the other monster is his creator, Victor Frankenstein. The creature was made as an unnatural being, but with many real and humanistic components. Victor, for creating this creature is at fault for making the dead come to life in a whole new form. The question raised here, is how Victor thought he could be capable of this creation without any consequences…show more content…
Prometheus is a god that extends from Ancient Greek Mythology and is said to be the wisest of all the Titans. This can be compared to Victor feeling very self-centered and full of more knowledge than anyone else. Victor and Prometheus resemble each other in many other ways as well; they both are interested in technology advances. Victor sees the creature come to life and become a completed work, and falls ill in disgust. This feeling that he gets eats him up inside for creating such a horrid being! This reaction occurs in Prometheus too, when he was chained to a rock to have his liver eaten out every day by an eagle. Every night his liver would grow back. This was to be his “punishment for all of eternity” (Dudczak).This is a very important aspect of the book, and something that could definitely create an enthusiastic audience in a remake of the movie Frankenstein. For every movie, there is a setting, characters, and a series of events. I would want the new remake of Frankenstein to be a modern day representation of the 1931 Frankenstein, with plenty of unexpected twists. It would be set in Burlington, Vermont. I feel there is perfect scenery of town, forestry, Lake Champlain, college atmosphere, a population of 42,000, and adventure to be had. The University of Vermont (UVM) is where the creator, Victor, can study, and do his secretive…show more content…
He claims that he is done with his research for a long time, because he has made so much out of what he already has created. Claire has never really asked Victor about his research since that is the only thing that seems to keep them apart, so she is very happy by this news. They converse about their day and Claire shares with him her time spent with her new friend. She says that Victor has to meet him; that they would be great friends. She goes on describing him, and mentions that she doesn’t know his name. Victor is suspicious of this interaction because when he went to the lab today to destroy his creation he cannot find it, and assumes that someone just disposed of his work thinking it was a cadaver from the anatomy lab. Claire goes on to describe her friend and realizes that these are details of his creation. He is stunned and disgusted with himself, but he doesn’t want to tell Claire who this “man” really is. Victor beats Claire, telling her she is never to hang out with this guy again and walks

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