Is Frankenstein A Hero Or A Villain

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Marry Shelley During the romantic movement had peeked many peoples imaginations with her classic, "Frankenstein". Her novel had completely taken science to a new level, it had even brought up questions about the laws of human nature. The most important question was whether or not Victor Frankenstein was a genius or a villain. It will always be debated, you could look at it in the sense as how wonderful of a scientist he is or look at it from the point of defying the laws of nature. On the cover of her novel she calls it, " Frankenstein, the modern Prometheus", why is that? The story of Prometheus is a Greek tale of a man defying the ways of life and mocking the God's and in the end the God's were the reason his life ended. " Aside from the…show more content…
There are three reasons Frankenstein is a villain: He had not taken responsibility for what he had created and tried to avoid what the monster was doing, he defied the laws of nature, and he never used science to benefit others, he had only used it to gain his own glory. Victor had not only created a monster, but he never took responsibility when he had heard of all of the monsters destructive capabilities. He had create a monster, thinking that he would be his "beautiful" creation, but it was the complete opposite. " He could not even stay the night in the same building, " he took refuge in the courtyard ". Thus ends and creates the abandonment of the monster." Frankenstein could not bear to be around what he had created, his monster fled and when we had heard of the monstrous things it committed he had done nothing to fix the problem. He was a coward and ruined many thing peoples lives and especially his own because he did not fix the evil he had created. A major turning point in peoples minds opinions about Frankenstein is how he…show more content…
" Humans have a natural drive to eat, drink sleep, and procreate. These actions are in accord with natural law for species to survive and procreate. Thus activities with such a law are morally good and activities against it are morally wrong, like eating too much or too little." Creating a monster that does not eat, sleep, or reproduce is morally wrong. He defied natures law and brought someone back from the dead. Doctor Frankenstein dopes not use science for a good reason. His ideas do not benefit anyone, they only benefit was the idea of him becoming a known scientist. He wanted the glory of solving death, but what he did not understand was that there was nothing to solve. Victor had not even helped Justine when she got convicted and killed for a crime she had not committed. Victor is selfish and had only cared about himself, well himself and Elizabeth. " The creature begins to doubt his own ideals and instead begins to adapt those of Frankenstein. From this moment fourth the creature abandons his sense of morality that has been created so carefully over time and becomes fixated on the beliefs of his creator." It was Frankenstein belifs, ego, and stubborn attitude that began the end of his creature which led to the destruction

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