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Abstract— This paper presents different beverage machine like some are Vending Machine as we all know is a machine which can vend different products which is normally installed in supermarkets, railway stations, offices, schools and various other public areas. Dispense different products which are more like an automated process with no requirement of man handling which we normally see in fast moving cities because of fast paced life. This paper compares different aspects like area, timing constraint, speed, power dissipation of a vending machine contribute to making our daily life be more convenient and cover market feasibility. Keywords—Vending Machine, FSM, Human Machine Interaction, Xilinx ISE and Cadence. I. INTRODUCTION Vending Machine…show more content…
Smart Coffee Vending Machine A smart vending machine contains a sensor and actuator network which consists of a gateway, environmental sensors, and controllers. A gateway becomes a bridge between the network and an application running on a smartphone through Bluetooth. The gateway receives some messages related to the environmental conditions (e.g., cleaning status) of the machine from the sensors. Those messages are sent to the application. In addition, the gateway sends control messages including the customer’s preference on the taste of coffee to the controllers. On a perspective of the proof of concept, they install two magnetic sensors and three controllers. The vending machine and the devices installed in the vending machine. The magnetic sensors are installed inside the machine: one is attached to the material mixer and the other is attached to the body of the machine. The sensor on the body is connected to a sensor interface which transmits measured data to the gateway. The sensors act like a switch. If the mixer is detached from the body, an open event occurs. Otherwise, a close event occurs. The detachment of the mixer is considered to be the cleaning of the machine. The material mixer is a device in which water, coffee, sugar and powered coffee creamer are mixed to make a cup of coffee. As a lot of residues of those materials are attached to the inner surface of the mixer, the mixer should be cleaned periodically. The mixer has to be detached from the machine while it has been

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