Swot Analysis For Redbox

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Redbox was an excellent idea. The business plan was excellent and shows that through hard work and determination, you can have a very successful business. IN the video case that was provided about Redbox, they show from start to finish the hard work the entrepreneurs put in to make Redbox a reality. Redbox took the principles of the business environment and applied them to their business plan. The Economic and Legal Environment regulated the use of contracts and enforced laws to protect Redbox and the consumer. For example, Redbox has regulations that enforce them to have plenty of warnings and protections against minors renting R-Rated movies. The Technological Environment makes work easier for businesses and consumers. Without technology,…show more content…
Redbox has to exceed customer expectations and stay in front of the consumer. Every day you hear about a way to watch your favorite television shows or movies with the click of a button. You can watch OnDemand through your cable/satellite provider, Stream directly through your iPad or Smart Phone with Amazon Prime, there are many different ways to get consumers what they want and all companies are looking for a way to get it to you faster and cheaper. Redbox found a way to really get in front of people and be a huge success in the social environment. By partnering with Coinstar they were able to have their foot in every door where a Coinstar Kiosk was already located. Also, by partnering with retailers like Walmart, McDonalds, Walgreens, they were able to mirror the demographics for specific locations. So what they have done is actually taken the demographics for specific kiosk sites and picked the movies that are popular with that particular demographic. The global environment actually doesn’t apply to Redbox. 100% of Redbox’s consumers are Americans. All of the kiosks are located in America. Will this hurt Redbox in the future? I believe that in the future not having a global product will hurt a company. Redbox should get on board with live streaming and take the product global to compete with other streaming

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