Value Of Law Essay

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At the earliest reference point it is fundamental and vital to recognize laws and principles (rules). While it is for the most part pleasant that all laws are principles, the other way around is not valid as all guidelines are not laws. The explanation behind the announcement above emerges on account of the broadness of the term rule. In its wide sense, the meaning of the term rule envelops a general standard in a general public that charge or deal with the practices of individuals. While laws are mandatory, enforceable under torments of rebuke and disciplines, rules are directives, practices, or traditions, which are best followed to avoid legal embarrassments for violators. The value of law is derived from the more general human values. Law establishes and protects multiple values of public life, which are freedom, justice, life, health, dignity, physical well-being, a healthy environment, work, a family. These values not only determine the meaning and essence of law, but also serve its purpose. It is impossible to regulate all the variety of social relations only with law. The…show more content…
Morality serves as the basis for any legal/political system. Of course, a law is nothing if not a moral claim, a moral imperative, a moral prescription. There are moral obligations that turned into law that helps society function. In the home as a child we are taught not to take something without asking, to respect our elders and also peers. Also in Christian homes we are taught The Ten Commandments, which consist of some rules that can be interpreted as law in society. Commandments like “Thou shall not kill” or “Thou shall not steal”. In today’s society it is unlawful to commit murder and also to commit robbery. Depending on the severity of the offence the person either pays a fine of a certain amount or does jail time. In cases such as murder death is even a punishment if the jury or judge finds that the criminal deserves that
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