Cystic Fibrosis Research Objective

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Science never fails to amaze me. I’ve always felt engulfed by the vastness of science and intrigued by how much we, as a society, don’t know. I believe that “scientific advancement should aim to affirm and to improve human life [and the environment]” (Nathan Deal). From 7th to 9th grade, I worked on creating a sustainable industrial wastewater filtration and aeration system using only natural and indigenous substances. This invention was made in order to prevent the spread of hypoxia without burdening small industries with large expenditures. Later on in 9th grade, my close friend with cystic fibrosis suffered an acute Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in her lungs. This nearly compromised her lung function, and inspired me to take action. I spent the next two years conducting microbiological research to find a natural cure for this complication of cystic fibrosis that claims the lives of 80% of CF patients. After identifying a potential cure, I presented my project at the International Science and Engineering Fair to spread the word about my findings. Johns Hopkins University is one of the few institutions where I may be able to continue conducting cystic fibrosis research, since it has one of the nation’s premier CF research programs. Conquering cystic fibrosis is a matter of personal significance for me; I want to help my friend and others like her who are suffering from this serious terminal disease. I hope to…show more content…
I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of science at one of the few schools with a strong neuroscience major. I’ve only dreamed of meeting the renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, and at JHU, I would have the opportunity to do so. I aspire to become a successful neurosurgeon and impact the field of medicine as eminently as Dr. Carson has. Studying at JHU would put me on the path to reach that goal. I would join the NeuroJAYS to interact with other neuroscience students who share my

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