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Imagine if your parents had the option to unwind you. You would be taken away by the cops and put into a camp where you would live until your unwinding date came up. Once it was your time to be unwound, the doctors would take apart your body, piece by piece, while you are still alive, although unable to feel anything. Laying on the operating table, you slowly know your life is being taken away from you. After your unwinding, you are grafted onto other individuals where you live your life in a divided state. That is exactly what occurs in the novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman, except the novel explains the journey of teens who are running away from their unwinding. There are several main characters in Unwind, but one who stands out to me is Connor.…show more content…
There are several main characters throughout this book, although the one I am going to focus on is Connor. Connor is a very important character that demonstrates how family brings comfort and conflict and he shows defining moments. A circumstance dealing with Connor that shows how family brings comfort is through Risa. Even though they are not immediate family, Risa is like family to Connor throughout the book since he spends so much time with her, cares about her, and loves her. Risa never left Connor’s side and always cared for, and about, him. Risa was the closest to family that Connor had since he ran away. Connor’s immediate family, on the other hand, brought nothing but conflict to him. Connor’s parents are his major conflict since they…show more content…
Connor was one of the main characters who ran away. Connor was told, “There are places you can go… and a guy as smart as you has a decent chance of surviving to eighteen (Shusterman 3).” Connor as running away from his unwinding so he could try to survive. Risa, another main character was also running away from being unwound. Risa was contemplating escaping, then the bus she was on got into an accident. The bus accident gave Risa her solution to running away. She, “... fixes her eyes on the front door of the bus, holds her breath, and races toward that door (Shusterman 27).” She had escaped the bus and ran away with Connor and Lev. Runaways are still a major social issue today. Runaways are defined as leaving suddenly in order to avoid or escape something, such as a situation or problem. The entire book deals with runaway teenages who are running away in order to escape from being unwound. Connor, being one of the main characters, is running away along with many others to attempt to survive until eighteen. Running away is still a current social issue, and a major problem with between 1.6 and 2.8 million youth running away each year. In this novel, the author is for the social issue of running away. The author is for the issue of running away because the characters are running away from being unwound, that way they can continue to live their live in an undivided state. Personally, I am against the issue of running away.

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