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Unwind by Neal Shusterman is a dystopian science fiction novel set after the Second Civil War that fought over abortion until the two sides agreed upon a compromise that allowed parents to send their children ages thirteen to eighteen to be sent to camps to be unwound, the process of which the body parts of each unwind would be harvested for the use of people in need of those specific parts. It follows the long journey of three unwinds who try to escape their imminent fate: Connor Lassiter, Risa Ward, and Levi Calder. It starts off introducing each character and shows why each is being unwound: Connor for being in too many fights, Risa because her State Home was going through budget cuts, and Levi for being a sacrifice because he was the tenth…show more content…
Along their journey, they pick up a storked baby (a baby left on a doorstep by a mother who can't or won't take care of it) and afterwards they hide out in a school in which Levi separates from Connor and Risa. With the help of a teacher (who would also adopt the storked baby), Connor and Risa find an unwind version of the underground railroad where they would meet a bully named Roland as they move around unbeknownst of their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Lev journeys across the United States gaining street smarts along the way with the help of a new companion named Cyrus. Cyrus was on his way to Joplin, Missouri and as Lev tags along, he finds out that Cyrus' brain has part of another person's in it (which is the reason for his multiple personalities), causing him to finally see the horrors of the unwinding process. After leaving Cyrus in Joplin, a newer, smarter, and stronger Lev arrives in the Graveyard, a place that works as an unwind sanctuary, where Connor and Risa have lived and worked in for some time. Afterwards, Roland indirectly causes a riot by causing everyone to question the Admiral, the leader of the

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