Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Racism is present in the Movie Selma and the book To Kill A Mockingbird for the purpose of showing how it bad the world was back then and to also show us how we can it is possible to fix it, Throughout this paragraph I will be talking about times when racism was shown in the movie and the book and reasons that support that. At first in To Kill A Mockingbird the first act of racism that pops out the reader is the fact when Tom is unfairly tried on the witness stand with this exception of when Atticus Finch was asking him questions he spoke respectfully since he believes in the fact that Tom Robinson is the same as everyone else. I can prove this by the fact that Mr. Glimer spoke very rudely by saying words like “Boy” this certainly means that…show more content…
Gilmer. The next point in the movie Selma is when the black people in Selma got together and tried to march to Montgomery to get on the front page of the newspaper each day so they can finally get the equal rights they deserve. for this reason when they were told to leave the officers all ran in and beaten to the point where they had to retreat. They got beaten and were denied access into the countryside not because they were not allowed but just for the fact that they were African American people, additionally for instance when they marched again but with white people the people officers stood down partly because they were not all black. Finally the last point of when racism was shown is when Tom was discriminated by the jury and was convicted guilty because the color of his skin, on the contrary one of Walter Cunningham's cousins wanted to vote innocent but was probably persuaded not to. You can infer that Atticus to feel that he had made a difference in that attitudes towards the way
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