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Ashton Wright Mrs.Cook Language Arts Honers Period 3 December 10, 2015 The Thief Lord: Book Report In the mystery, magic novel called The Thief Lord takes place in the historical location of venice where two boys, Prosper and Bo, run from their aunt and uncle to another place they can live for the rest of their lives. In fact, the book’s title is actually named after one of the main characters of the book. The thief lord, or Scipio is a young boy amongst the rest of the orphans who considers himself as the leader of the outfit. He is the most experienced thief of the group who steals mostly petty or small things but is later faced with a bigger and better task. He is a very important character in the story, considering he is responsible…show more content…
She is a old and sad women but is the bane of Prosper’s and Bo’s existence. Ida is a secondary character who is one of the victims of the Thief Lords theft but ends up befriending the band of misfits.Victor is the antagonist of the of the book where he a detective hired by Esther. He is sent to find prosper and bo and pursues them throughout the entire book. The rest of the characters are either secondary or not very important to the story. The setting where the story takes place is in Venice Italy, during the time of the renaissance I'm assuming. The feel of the book is very dark and depressing as if something very bad has happened all the time or there is just a lack of happiness. This setting is somewhat symbolic to the story because most of the inventions and technological advances contribute to the stories plot and setting. Prosper and Bo’s parents…show more content…
Prosper wants to protect Bo to the fullest but he doesn't think he can. A dealer persuades them to steal a wing from a magic carousel Scipio takes a job he cannot refuse to steal a wooden wing from a architect. His all time dream is to be an adult and this is his chance. Victor (The Investigator) catches up to the boys and reveals dreadful secrets. Scipio ends up being a part of a rich family with him only stealing from his father. Victor doesn't really want to capture the kids and ends up siding with them. Scipio is neglected from the group for a little bit for lying to the group. They forgive Scipio and go back on their mission They end up stealing and riding a magic carousel that make the young old and the old young. Red beard gets what he deserves in the end They ride it and they all turn into adults. They all realize that all their lives has changed and made them different people. Everybody goes their separate ways as different people. Scipio’s dad thinks that Scipio ran away Bo wants to visit his aunt but prosper refuses. They both get taken care of by this women named

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