Roles Of Women In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the setting is dated back into the 1920s where the role of women was actually not even a role at all because women barley even had the same rights as men, if anything they barely had any rights at all. Women didn’t wield very much power. They were supposed to be and do things that were seen as feminine and or a “woman’s job”. Such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, being stay at home mothers; because not many women actually worked back then, and just taking care of household chores. As of in the novel there are plenty if not all of the female characters that represent these typical women characteristics in the 20's. Although the characters; Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Myrtle Wilson represent the role of women in the 1920s, some of them actually held some kind of influence or social positions/social rankings.…show more content…
Even though they have these similar social positions both characters are quite different and hold distinctive personalities apart from each other. Daisy was rich and was an attractive girl everyone knew and either wanted or wanted to be. The golden girl; “Her voice is full of money.” (120) Jordan is also rich and attractive but she is arrogant, dishonest, and comical/blunt. “Jordan Baker instinctively avoided clever, shrewd men, and now I saw this because she felt safer on a plane where any divergence from a code would be thought impossible. She wasn’t able to endure being at an disadvantage and, given this unwillingness, I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very young in order to keep that cool, insolent smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard, jaunty body.”
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