The Plague Chapter 6 Summary

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1.) By Mid-August people’s morals are at an all-time low and citizens begin to seclude themselves from the rest of society. The plague delivers an “impartial justice” as it affects everyone regardless of their social standing. As the number of deaths increased, funerals became obsolete and bodies began to be cremated. Soon residents of city began to converse of their pains. Meanwhile, Rieux, Grand, Tarrou and Rambert begin an anti plague effort to help the citizens. Soon, the death rate begins to decline and everyone begins to get better due to Castel’s serum. The gates to the city are reopened in February. Characters Dr. Rieux-is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. He is an atheist and humanist, who focuses on healing others instead…show more content…
Castel- Is a colleague of Rieux’s and he develops the anti-plague serum. Rambert- Is a journalist from Paris who is trapped in Oran because of the Quarantine. He tries to escape, legally and illegal, to rejoin his wife in Paris. But in the end, he decides to stay and assist in the anti-plague efforts. Tarrou- A man visiting Oran. He keeps detailed notes about the early days of the plague. Tarrou and Rieux become good friends. And Tarrou has philosophical mind musing about sainthood, the death penalty and the absurdity of life. He forms the volunteer anti-plague effort with Rieux and works ceaselessly. Soon after, he contracts the plague and dies but not without fighting for his life. Paneloux- Is a Jesuit priest and Scholar in Oran. After the plague begins, Paneloux declares that the plague was a punishment sent by god. But after witnessing the death of a young child, his faith is shaken but does not lose hope in god. He soon succumbs to the disease. Cottard- Is a man who has committed an unknown crime in the past and is lives in a constant state of paranoia. When the plague begins, he welcomes it with open arms and begins to profit off of it. When the plague retreats, Cottard goes mad and starts shooting passerby’s from his window before he is

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