I Know Wh Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou

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Who are you without your family? Parents have a sacred job to lead their children in love and in righteousness. To also provide their spiritual and their physical needs to teach them how to love and serve one another. Everyone encounters a different type of love from each person from their family. To me the mother, the grandmother, and the brother plays a great role in my life. The love of a family helps to mold you to become the person you are today. Through the story from Maya Angelou we learned that her grandmother gave her voice her brother gave her love and her mother gave her strength. These ideas can be applied to any family that’s why i am taking the moment to analyze Angelou’s family to find out how did she become the women she is today. In I Know…show more content…
Maya shares her life story with the world on racism and her personal trauma. Maya shows a different passion for her mother, grandmother, and her brother. Maya uses her autobiography to express identity, rape, and race. As stated in chapter one Maya’s parents sent Maya and her older brother Bailey to live with their grandmother Annie. “ Our parents decided to put an end to their calamitous marriage, and father shipped us to live with his mother” (Angelou,5). This shows how her parents really was not in their lives due to an unhealthy marriage. The relationship between Maya and her grandmother was respectable. Maya’s grandmother taught her and her brother Bailey how to have respect for elderly people. An incident occurred where the children on the block was trying Momma’s patients. Being very disrespectful towards her. Showing mockery behavior. “ The girls had tired of mocking Momma and turned to others means of agitation” (Angelou, 31). During this time Maya did not know what was really occurring with the children and momma at this point. Maya was scared that one

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