Unit 3 World Problems

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There are many problems that the world faces, but the main three that need to change right now are war, poverty, and lack of proper education world wide. If countries came together this could be achieved. If people had the right living conditions they would not have to focus on surviving the day, but rather could focus on learning and improving themselves. They could benefit the world, contribute to the fight of cancer, or some other noble cause. Third world countries would catch up with the rest of the world. War does have its benefits, with the need for jobs countries may see economic growth. The competition that war creates also leads to advancement in technology. Although these things are great, war also has negative consequences and risks that outweigh the good. For example, war can destroy an economy just as it can help one. War can destroy the environment, with the use of chemical and even nuclear weapons it can leave areas of land uninhabitable and too toxic for humans. War can generate discrimination, hate and racism towards a certain race or people. So, overall unreasonable and unjustified war should stop. Another major issue that people face world wide is poverty. Nearly 80% of…show more content…
Education is very important in today’s society. Without education, doctors, lawyers, and many other professions that require extensive knowledge about their subject, would be ill prepared. Most counties do not have great education systems. Their government may be too poor to afford adequate books, teachers, or even heating/ cooling systems. Another issue that needs to change is college, in America college is very expensive for most people. Most student are not financially stable yet, so they must rely on banks and other places that will loan them money, money that will collect interest and cost the even more money. And that's just in America, going to collage in certain parts of the world is almost

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