How Did The Founding Fathers Shape The Future Of The United States?

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The Founding Fathers played a crucial role in the development of America by setting precedents that will help shape the future of America and the way we think today. The founding fathers included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe and Benjamin Franklin. Together they each had complex views concerning liberty, property and democracy. The founding fathers believed that liberty was linked to property. They viewed liberty as being a natural right that cannot be taken away from men. They believed that taxation without representation was against their freedom. It was unfair to all human rights. So they created the Articles of Confederation. One of the main goals of the Articles of Confederation was to assure freedom to citizens by ensuring that there will be no federal involvement. This however was a contradiction to their beliefs since many of the founding fathers owned slaves. Although they knew that slavery was a violation of human rights, they saw slaves as property. The fathers viewed property as being a very essential part of life. To them property rights was just as important as human rights. They…show more content…
They feared that having democracy would lack constitutional balance and that will eventually lead to chaos. They were against having a government that held too much power, because it destroyed liberty. They believed that democracy would lead to the poor causing civil disobedience. So they wanted to create a government that would balance each other out. They wanted a government that would function properly, because they believed that a “properly designed state would check interest with interest , class with class, faction with faction, and one branch of government with another in a harmonious system of mutual frustration”.(pg 11, p 2) This meant that the fathers wanted a government that had equal power and could function

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