Employee Turnover In Nepal

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2.14 Experience of other Organization in Nepal Both public and private company is operated in the country. In Asian countries like Nepal, the traditional education system does not properly equip young graduates for the work environment, and as a result, the first couple years of most youth’s careers are focused on learning. So an environment where teaching and learning is emphasized will likely improve both talent acquisition and retention. Employees today seek for more career development and growth. Many entrepreneurs in Nepal seem to micro-manage their employees and allow minimum flexibility. This leads to a lack of motivation for the employee and an increase in employee turnover for the organization. Thus problem of employee…show more content…
Though the management of employee turnover is most important, it is often poorly understood from the aspect of human resources function. Employee turnover presents one of the most important challenges that affect the efficiency and productivity of the company. The problem of employee turnover exists not only in underdeveloped countries like ours but in developed countries like U.K, U.S.A, Japan, France, Canada etc. As there are numerous industries and sufficient employment opportunities, the world war considerable reduction of employee turnover, if not of unemployment, was achieved by the American Industries. This was due, in past, to the modern and enlightened policy of management and in part, to change economic conditions Good jobs were not easy to obtain in the organization, which followed the First World War with the organization recovery in the early thirties, the problem of employee turnover become aggravated. Thus, this shows that employee turnover problem exist in all organized organization but this problem is most acute in the developing countries of the world. As in developing countries most of the organization is in the infant stage so the organization in those countries are unable to bear the costly and expensive affairs of employee…show more content…
The American Electronics Association, which surveys its members companies annually, reported a turnover rate in 1980 of 35.4 percent. Another survey by BNA (USA) in 1981 focused the monthly employee turnover rate in manufacturing organization was app. 1.2% where as in non manufacturing organization it was 1.5%. Likewise in financial organization it was 1.8%, non business it was 1.6%, and in health care organization the rate was 1.8%. Similarly study further claims that average turnover rate for the year 1981 was approximately 18%. Another survey of the BNA reported, the separation rate for the year 1986 was about 12% yearly. Report further says that 21% organizations are in swamp of employee

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