Unit 2 English Language Assignment

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The child I chose is a family friend of mine who is in third grade and is eight years old. She is an excellent reader who reads at a fourth grade level. The book chosen for her to read was between a third and fifth grade reading level. In terms of language sense, the reader had a 98% in syntax and an 82% in semantics. Those percentages show that the student is relatively more proficient in acknowledging the grammatical structure rather than the meaning of text. According the grapho-phonics chart, 16 out of the 21 miscues had a high relationship. This indicates that the child is reasonably competent in phonics and makes educated guesses. The child was clearly seeing the letters as she read and was using those as cues to predict the word. For…show more content…
The overall retell was not as detailed as I expected it to be and several key points were missed. Even with the prompting questions, the child struggled to recall information. Her responses were not all completely accurate, but she did at least make an educated guess or used something mentioned from the text. For example, when asked why the main character was creating their own staple food crop, the reader said it was to create his own juice. The answer was civilization, but the main character did in fact create a squeezing device to drink juice from the fruit he grew. Even though she was told a retelling would occur at the end, I think that the reader was more focused on getting the words correct rather than retaining information. The book may have been slightly too difficult as…show more content…
When I asked her if she thought of herself as a good reader, she said yes. While listening to her read it was evident that she is confident in her knowledge and recognition of words. Her sentences were well formed and she did not jumble up words. She did not skip any lines or pages and maintained great book handling. Additionally, she used excellent intonation and expression in her voice while reading. The reader told me that when she comes to a word she does not know, her main strategy is to sound it out which remained evident as she was reading. For example, opportunities, grudgingly, and civilization are all bigger words that she clearly sounded

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