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Discussion Assignment Unit 6 From our assigned readings this week, consider the case of Samir Moussa. After reading his story please share how his life illustrates both the tension between local culture and globalization, and the opportunities afforded by globalization. Please provide examples from the story and compare with your own experience. Samir Moussa described in his story about how globalization presented the opportunities to expose him to diverse cultures and languages. His father’s Middle East culture, his mother’s Latin American cultures, his friends’ European culture and his own American culture. Due to the close association with these cultures, he is able to speak English, French, Spanish fluently and some Arabic as well. Globalization provided opportunities for Samir to travel all over the world, which enriched his life and work experience. The new perspectives that he has gained through his global experience has deepened his understand of human suffering and shifting his effort of making better changes for societies. With all the opportunities afforded by globalization, Samir Moussa has given a good observation of the tension between local culture and…show more content…
I was born in Asia culture, but I have been living with America culture; and my son was born from my interracial marriage. I have lived in four different states during the last 17 years in the United States, and my family has travelled to other countries in Asia and Europe as well. I speak two languages, which afforded me job opportunities to work for an international joined venture company and later for an international NGO. However, I have had similar experiences like Samir had, which is being away from my extended family. I have not been able to visit my parents as often as I wished, and my son does not speak my language and is not familiar with the Asian culture that I grow up

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