Personal Narrative: Moving From Home Town To Sacramento

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I have lived in many cities throughout California. After moving three times, my family finally settled in a small town named, Antioch. I lived in Antioch for fifteen years before moving away for college. I hoped that by living in a new city, I would feel safe and as if it were a home away from home. However, moving from my home town to Sacramento, was incredibly hard for me. The sense of home and safety was tough to find, once I moved in to the residence halls at California State University Sacramento. During my first two weeks at the dorm, I could not settle in. I began to isolate myself in my own thoughts, and I soon became very homesick and lonely. I had made four new friends who were always around me, but for some reason I still felt alone. Having friends around me, did not help because the campus still did not feel like home. I felt…show more content…
Sitting in my car and calling someone close to me, was the only way I knew how to get rid of my sad feelings. During the first two weeks of school, I spent time in my car every day. Being in my car, is where I was able to let all my emotions out, and not be judged. While sitting there I noticed things such as, my high school graduation tassel, that hung on the rear view mirror. The tassel reminded me of home, and it made me feel like I had never left. I blocked out everything around me, so I could simply have time to think. Although the thoughts that came to my mind, were rarely positive. I constantly thought about the unknowns of college, such as the possibility of not fitting in and failing my first semester. Occasionally I remembered the good times, of going on day trips with my family, or even hanging out with my friends. However those thoughts, still reminded me of home. The familiarity of the soft leather seats, and the scent of my car, made all my sad feelings go away. Being in my car turned all my negative feelings into positive

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