A Maze In Search Of Cheese Essay

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Two characters in the story were mice named Sniff and Scurry that had simple rodent brains and useful instincts. Sniff can sniff out change early, and Scurry rushes into action. They used a method of trial and error, meaning they would try to find the cheese first and if it didn’t work they would seek another way. The other two characters were little people named Hem and Haw. They had complex brains with beliefs and emotions that made life complicated for them. Hem denies and resists change since he fears it will lead to an even worse situation. Haw learns to adapt to the change when he understands that it could lead to an improved state. These four characters lived in a maze in search of cheese, the maze represents the environment in which you are aiming to reach your goals, and the cheese stands for whatever goal you are aiming for. Every day the four characters would run out into the maze to find the cheese. Eventually the four characters find a…show more content…
The little people took their time, for they now know where the cheese is located and how to get there, they don’t need to rush. They left their running shoes at home. They didn’t believe anything will happen and the cheese would always be there. One day the cheese was gone. Sniff and Scurry were not surprised since they noticed the cheese had been getting lower the days before, so they put on their running shoes and headed out into the maze in search of new cheese. The little people, however; were furious when they noticed the cheese missing because they thought it belonged to them. Hem started panicking and blamed someone else for the cheese missing. Haw soon realized that sitting around waiting for the cheese to be put back was not happening and decided to find new cheese. Hem stayed behind still imagining the cheese would come

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