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It is visible that the amount of available full time jobs in Canada is becoming scarce and in need of review. The Unemployment rate of young adults with a post secondary education is constantly growing, by matters that they cannot control. With an increase in the rate of university attendees over the past thirty years, finding a full time job in their field of study ultimately becomes a lottery. Also, with vast migration from the Middle East to North America, this creates a larger demand for jobs even though the amount of jobs has not increased. In Eve Adomait’s, Cocktail Party Economics, She uses a Stone analogy to explain scarcity, which is a direct tie to this issue. She explains how, is she were to find 10 unusual stones and brings them to a party with 20 people, the…show more content…
The demand for teachers in ontario is very little and the supply is so high, creating a surplus of educated teachers. They are then forced to either, Outsource to other provinces or countries to find jobs or the must find part time jobs while being put on a waiting list. Some of which that can last up to 20 plus years. With the advancements of technology, this also leads to job cuts in the manufacturing industries. For example, there is no longer a demand for vast workers at General Motors like there was twenty years ago. Machines and robots are used to take these spots away from individuals, some of which who only have their high school diploma. With these massive jobs cuts, finding jobs in these fields is very difficult leaving these uneducated workers with few options. They include, going back to school to become educated in another field, find a part time job until they can find a good paying full time job or they resort to unemployment. Many find it very difficult to go back to school, nor do they have sufficient funds to do so, so they either find a part time job or file for unemployment and earn money from the government.

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