Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt Summary

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In today’s society, women everywhere have certain expectations: to act and look a particular way. These expectations can be seen throughout media; television, magazines, advertisements, etc. Two articles in particular debate this subject and make very good points. Susan Bordo’s article, “The Empire of Images in Our World of Bodies”, focuses on the advertisements that have almost impossible standards set that women and teenage girls feel obligated to reach. Jean Kilbourne’s “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” discusses men and women as being sexualized and degraded in modern society by sexually aimed advertising. Both of these authors have the same problem with society: advertisements. Susan Bordo is a college professor of English and woman’s studies. Her purpose in writing “The Empire of Images in Our World of Bodies” would be to critique media images of women’s bodies and to inform people of the messages these images send. She provides…show more content…
The video is described as a social experiment to see how boys, girls, and teenagers would respond when being told to do something “like a girl”. When told to run like a girl, for example, the teens and young boy in the ad respond by prancing, flailing their arms around, and having distant, silly looks on their face. However when young girls were asked to “run like a girl”, they responded by sprinting in place as hard and fast as they could. The results were the same for being told to fight and throw like a girl, the young girls did the best they could while the others made it a joke and barely tried. In the end, the teen girls realize how they’ve acted and ran, threw, and fought like they would normally: powerfully and confidently. Lauren Fleshman, two-time USA Track and Field Champion for 5k and professional athlete for Oiselle, is very supportive of the

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