Osmosis In Gummy Bears

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Aga Khan Academy Osmosis in gummy bears By Aatish Patel 9/26/2014 Task: You are required to design and carry out an investigation to demonstrate the process of Osmosis or Diffusion or active transport in a plant and/or animal tissues or using any non-living material. Title: Osmosis in gummy bears. Hypothesis: I think the gummy bear placed in diluted water will increase in size over a period, because the particles from a high water concentration move to a lower water concentration. Aim: To investigate osmosis. Variables: Independent (what I will change)  I will change the type of liquid poured in the beakers. Dependent (what I will measure)  I will measure the size of the gummy bears Control (what will I keep the same)  Size of the beakers …show more content…
Measure 60ml of vinegar using a measuring cylinder; put the vinegar in the beaker. Stick a label written “vinegar” 2. Measure the gummy bear with a ruler, length time’s width. 3. Put the gummy bear using tweezers in the vinegar meanwhile starting the stopwatch. 4. Repeat step 1-3 except this time the liquid is distilled water. 5. Measure 60ml of water using a measuring cylinder; put the water in the beaker. Stick a label written “diluted water”. 6. Add salt to the water and stir it. 7. Repeat step 2. 8. Then drop the gummy bear using tweezers meanwhile starting the stopwatch. 9. Check every hour and record the length and the width of the gummy bears. Record your results in the table below. Gummy bear size (length x width cm ) Liquid 1 hours 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours Diluted water 1.5x0.6 1.7x0.8 1.7x0.9 2.0x1.0 2.2x1.1 Vinegar 1.4x0.8 1.4x0.8 1.4x0.8 1.4x0.8 1.4x0.8 Salted water 1.5x0.7 1.4x0.6 1.3x0.6 1.3x0.5

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