Summary Of Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt By Jean Kilbourne

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In Kilbourne's article, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” she uses explicit advertisements to show the affects it has on our culture . These advertisements cause our youth to believe they have to look a certain way and they will obtain certain qualities by buying these brands. Kilbourne points out how these advertisements have a negative effect on our society and why. The advertisement that exhibit the strongest explication in my opinion is a poster by F. Scott’s trying to advertise their nightclub located in Georgetown. On their poster it is vanilla ice cream with a cherry and a foul statement, “IF YOUR DATE WON’T LISTEN TO REASON, TRY A VELVET HAMMER.” This statement is provocative because it can easily be seen as influencing rape or sexual…show more content…
This message basically says you can persuade your date, most likely women in this case to do anything by offering them alcoholic desserts. My immediate reaction to this bulletin is why would a company allow such a statement to be published. In today's society rape, assaults and other crimes are frowned upon and this poster doesn’t help this issue. Imagery such as this one cause people believe that if a women or male refuse what you want you can make them do what you please. This is why I side with Kilbourne on how certain advertisement create issues in our society. Another strong advertising campaign in my lifetime is Victoria Secret. They use exotic women with slim-fit bodies to represent their brand. By using certain tones in their voice and accents they make women feel that they can be sexy and attract certain men. The bodies of these women promoting their brand creates an emotional (pathos) effect on its viewers and makes the consumers, normally teen girls and young women believe they can look this way or need to look

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