Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter-House Five

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is the author of Slaughter-House Five. Kurt was born on November 11, 1922. Kurt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kurt went to Cornell University from 1940- 1942. After finishing there, he enlisted in the Army. He was sent to Europe to fight in the Battle of the Bulge. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. He was held in Dresden, Germany. He escaped because he worked in an underground meat locker. He returned to America and got married. He had three kids. Kurt worked a lot of different jobs before he became a famous writer. His first novel was Player Piano. Kurt died in New York on April 11, 2007. Slaughter-House Five is Kurt’s depiction of the Dresden firebombing. The story is about Kurt’s experience in World War…show more content…
Billy went to sleep and woke up a widower in Ilium. After going to bed in Ilium, Billy woke up in the zoo on Tralfamadore. A new woman just arrived. Her name was Montana. She was a motion picture star. When she woke she screamed and screamed. After a week, the two slept together. Then Billy traveled to 1968 to his bed in Ilium. He woke and went to work. Billy told a 12 year old boy about Tralfamadore. the boys mom told the receptionist that Billy was crazy, so Billy went home.Billy is back in the hospital. Lazzaro and Derby are also there. Then the reader learns about Billy’s death. Billy is killed in Chicago while speaking about flying saucers. He is shot and is dead for a while. Then he is back to life in the camp. The 3 are released from from the hospital. Then the americans were sent to Dresden. In Dresden, Billy worked in an underground slaughter-house. Edgar Derby was also shot in Dresden by a firing…show more content…
Billy told Montana about being in Dresden. The americans and Billy Pilgrim ended up at an inn in a suburb of Dresden. After Billy tells Montana the story, the reader learns about how Billy’s wife died. Valencia was on the way to the hospital after the plane crash when she got hit by another car. Her exhaust pipes were gone but she still drove to the hospital. When she got there, she passed out in the car. She died one hour later from carbon monoxide. Billy was in the hospital traveling through time. There was another patient in his room. Billy’s son and daughter were also there. Billy tried to tell the patient that he was in Dresden, even though the patient didn’t believe him. Then he was back in Europe and the war was over. Billy was on a wagon with the other americans while they were looking for souvenirs. Then Billy was back in the hospital in Vermont. He told the other patient about Dresden, then he was taken home. When he was taken home, he snuck away to New York. He went to bookstore and found a Kilgore Trout book about 2 humans put in a zoo on an alien planet. Billy got on the radio that night, but not tv. After being on the radio, went to sleep, and woke up on Tralfamadore. He talked to Montana about the blue movie of her eating a banana. Billy was back in Dresden. Derby was caught with a teapot, so he was tried and shot. When spring came the war was

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