Twin Brother Speech

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“Good morning” my mom said to me and my twin brother. Let me introduce myself I’m Bob and this is my brother is jeff i have brown hair and he hase black we look nothing like twins he has blue eyes and i have green i look like my mom and he looks like my dad but there is one more difference im “unwanted” and he is not . Let me make this clear. The supplies here on earth are running low so families can only have one kid. So me and my twin brother we were NOT supposed to happen my brother was born first so he is ok to go outside and go to school but i’m not because I was born second i’m not supposed to be here im illegal. If you do have twins you are supposed to get rid of the second baby.Im not “unwanted” by my family just the rest of the world.…show more content…
I was late because i was talking to my new friend that just came to town don't worry he is one of us. “OMG you had me scared there for a second” ava said.we will talk about what we will be doing next month and when we are done we can go home.and the government should be done by now. it is getting late and they left. honestly i always lose track of time i could stay here forever this is where i feel safe. (Runs home) now that that we are back i can introduce you to mom she is the nicest lady you will ever meet her name is cathey but i call her mom well you know why. My life is pretty nice my mom teaches me what she knows and my brother teaches me the stuff she cant. the sad thing is i can't leave these walls to go and play unless i go to the woods. And my brother cant have friends over unless they have a brother or sister too or they know of me. I say i'm sorry to him every time she says no he can't have a friend over she only says it because of me. Sometimes i feel like running away because my mom and dad have to work a lot to care for me. and i feel like i'm a bother and that i'm a waste but they don't think like that they love me and i love them. So now you know about my story but now we need to move on from the past and talk about the future. Later in this month we will go down to the capitle with our signs and protest against the law. because we now have enough food and my parents don’t have to work as much to feed me and we even have left overs. and that never happens. we even would have enough food for another kid. (one week later) today is the day. that we are going down to the capitol to protest the law. nobody knows who we are down there so we should be safe to get there. but when we start there will be no stopping us unless the law is taken down. We are going there by train i have never been on a train before so i'm scared. ( at the
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