Case Study: Should You Fire Your PPC Agency

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Should You Fire Your PPC Agency? A Webinar by Rob Sieracki and Perry Marshall PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is one of the different verticals of internet marketing in which businesses and companies get maximum returns for their investment. In this webinar, companies that seek for adequate knowledge would be able to choose and hire the right PPC agency that could help them in running online marketing campaigns or find out if their PPC agency knows what they’re doing; if not, should they fire them. On the other hand, PPC agencies would learn the fundamentals on how to succeed in PPC. Rob Sieracki, a PPC expert, explains his goals as a consultant, what we need to know about agencies and how they make money. Also, we would learn from this webinar, the metrics which carry meaning to the company, how consultants think and the 3 things to take into account in keeping a good business stand, how should a PPC agency report for the company, the 3 hallmarks of a strategic PPC manager, and when to negotiate contract terms. All these and more have been tackled in depth through the webinar, and in the following is summarized. The Goals in PPC Consulting…show more content…
His idea of building his own agency is focused on real strategic thinking or the alchemy of making money out of nothing rather than upkeep and maintenance work as where most agencies thrive. He seeks to pay for people who think for a living—Engineering thinkers who can say yes when presented with a problem. They are the people with the right attitude and soft skills. For Rob, being able to spot and fix what fails means to know a bit about everything. Reputation is about everything. His reputation is what sells and Success is what

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