Bilbo's Use Of Symbolism In The Hobbit

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Literary Elements (Symbolism) Near the gap to the outside Gollum hears goblins, so he sits on the ground.Being sympathetic, Bilbo doesn’t bothered killing him, however he leaps over. Bilbo crawls between the legs of 1 of the goblins. They see his shadow as he gets stuck within a crack. With one push, hes is loose and makes it through the gap. Once he's outside, the goblins explore for him however they find nothing. Being completely separated from others, Bilbo is developing new skills as a leader. He can work alone and becomes fearless. once he meets Gollum, he defeats him in a game of riddles, and follows him through the tunnels. The ring provides Bilbo a replacement to gain confidence.The ring is symbolizes confidence because once he's…show more content…
Even though he went journeying for the treasure himself with the dwarves, he spends most of it on relatives and others. It has no real meaning for him, and he does not miss it later in life. Analysis: Gandalf criticizes Thorin saying he’s greedy and stingy as a king. Thorin isn’t willing t make agreements and chokes Bilbo once he finds out that he took the Arkenstone. Thorin dies as a results of his greed and he is aware of this. Regretting it right before his death. Many people who gain power and wealth become greedy. People who win the lottery for instance, they win the lottery and become greedy with their money, spending it all on themselves. You also see many rich Americans who don’t donate enough to charity because they want all their money to themselves. Literary elements: (Arkenstone=peace) Bilbo changes from the leader to a unwanted asset because the armies approach. He thinks that this behavior over the treasure is completely foolish and he doesn’t want to put up with it anymore. He is aware of that peace would be the most effective outcome for his friends. Bilbo then takes the Arkenstone to their enemies only to betray the dwarves. He doesn’t want to fight for them, however, he does want the groups to

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