How Is Offred Presented In The Handmaid's Tale

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Character Analysis- Offred In analyzing the character traits in Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale, I noticed the following characteristics or traits about Offred. She operates as the main character in this futuristic tale. Some of the characteristics that are most evident include her ability to see the future and the past through flashbacks and reflections that other characters could not do. Case-in-point: the rules of Gilead versus the rules of today in American society. This paper will analyze the main character of the story which is Offred and the various roles she played. In the text, Offred discusses the rules of her society. Offred defines this by saying “rules that were never spelled out but that every woman knew: Don’t open your door to…show more content…
The relationship between Offred and the Commander was just vicious from the way he treated her, but at the same time she still felt sympathy for this man. Offred was forced to have sex with numerous men, and she was also forced to have sex with this guy named Nick who was her friend Serena Joy’s husband. The interaction of Serena with Offred comes when she plans for Offred to sleep with Nick. Serena has this desire to help Offred get pregnant, but Serena gets a reward from Offred’s pregnancy: she gets to keep and raise the baby. Serena offers to show Offred a picture of her lost daughter if she sleeps with Nick. At this moment in the novel, Offred is seen as a perceptive, intelligent, and kind person. However, Offred regrets not being present to do the things that normal women do such as being able to do laundry or have playful fights with her husband. The small things from her previous life have now become unbroken. Such a simple act as doing laundry shows a level of freedom that she would have had. But over in Gilead the Handmaids were just slaves to the men who were seen as military…show more content…
As soon as Offred sees that her plan to escape fails continuously, she stops, thinks, and allows Nick to take over. In truth, after she begins her affair with Nick, she seems to lose sight of escape entirely and suddenly feels that life in Gilead is almost bearable. If she does finally escape, it is because of Nick, not because of anything she does herself because she knows nothing. Offred is a mostly submissive character, good hearted but satisfied as well. Like her peers, she took for granted the freedoms feminism won and now pays the price. There is truth that even though Offred was treated as a sex slave by the Commander and other men, she still dug her way through the tunnel and fought all the way until she saw the light at the end. Besides that, Offred remained brave, strong, and hopeful throughout the story even though she was torn into

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